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At Senior Wellness, we provide effective foot care services to maintain the health of your feet and legs and maintaining the quality of your life. Regular, convenient, affordable, preventative foot care by a registered foot care nurse can keep you mobile. By preventing foot problems you can live your life. If you have a foot issue we will provide the latest treatments so you can heal quickly. If you are at high risk (Diabetic, peripheral neuropathy, congestive heart failure, arterial or venous stasis) we will educate you to save your feet and legs. more

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Do you have a hard time seeing your feet, bending over to care for them? Do you have wounds on your feet and legs or lose feeling? Do your legs hurt when you walk? Feel better when you stop? Do you wake up in the night and need to sit up because your legs hurt? This is no way to live if you have complex foot and leg care needs, diabetic pain or simply need assistance with routine care. A registered foot nurse can be of assistance at a reasonable cost.

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Foot Care Tips

Your feet take the weight of your whole body. Regular care and prevention are so important. Foot problems can quickly lead to discomfort, affect the way you walk and cause severe pain in in other areas. The good news is that looking after your feet can prevent most of these problems. Visit our resources page for information and tips!